Industry & Other agricultural buildings

  • Energy saving, heating and cooling for industrial buildings
  • Complete climate solutions for agricultural buidlings (goats, veal etc.)

Climate in industrial buildings

Traditionally ITB is specialized in the design and production of climate solutions for agricultural buildings. More often our systems find their way to industrial application. Geothermal systems for heating, cooling and energy savings, named GETS, is installed in multiple office buildings and production facilities. Due to its sustainable custom made design and high efficiency, the system can be applied in all types of buildings.

Our products are produced from plastic. With over 35 years of experience, we became specialized in the processing of different types of plastic material. More information about the possibilities in plastic processing can be found here.

Climate in agricultural houses

A constant, uniform and well controlled climate leads to better results in barns with any type of animal.

Minimal temperature differences and draught lead to less stress at the animals. Uniformity in the climate leads to a better division of the animal across the house, resulting in better growth of the animals. More ventilation reduces the chance of diseases and use of medication. A good climate results in a better living environment for the animals and working environment for the farmers.

ITB for all animals

During the last 35 years ITB has been involved in the development of climate concepts and production of climate systems applied in different types of animal houses. Our engineers, in cooperation with different stakeholders, develop concepts suitable for the circumstances and animal type in the house. Since ITB develops and produces all systems in house, we are flexible and adapt efficiently to the needs of the end user.