• Optimal air quality near the insects
  • Energy reduction

Climate in insect farms

Results in insect farms are optimized when a perfect balance between temperature, ventilation and humidity is realized.

The temperature in buildings where the insects grow need to be at sufficient heigth (>30°C) and as constant as possible. Combined with good ventilation and the right humidity, the best results in growth can be obtained. An optimal climate in the growing tanks lead to higher egg production, a faster development, the right weight range and reduction in mortality rates.

ITB for insect farms

For insect farms ITB has developed plastic (PP) growing bins, with heating integrated in the bin.

The nsulated (double wall) bins reduce heat loss and thereby limit the energy usage. The material also has a sound-damping effect, especially in comparison with for example wood or glass. The plastic bins are easy to clean and have a long lifespan.

Despite the different projects ITB has already  developed for insect farms, this branche is relatively new for ITB too. We are therefore eager to work with specialized companies to share knowledge and develop marketable concepts. Because ITB develops and produces the systems in-house, we are very flexible and can adapt efficiently to varying requirements of the insect farm.