•  ITB supplies for the entire branche, from broiler to layer
  • Also for turkeys, ducks etc.
  • Good farm climate leads to better results

Climate in poultry houses

In a poultry house with a uniform and constant climate, better results are achieved. For poultry houses ITB produces systems and components for climate control and energy reduction. A constant temperature and minimum draught lead to less stress with animals. The birds spread more evenly over the house when the temperature is equal. Birds can reach the drinking and feeding lines more easily, resulting in better growth and feedconversion. At a well managed climate more ventilation can take place, decreasing the chance of diseases and reducing the use of medication and mortality numbers. A better working climate for the farmer is also reached.

Ventilation for poultry houses

For poultry houses ITB offers tailor made ventilation chimneys.

The intake and exhaust chimneys are produced completely from plastic (HDPE). The chimneys are resistant to harmfull substances in the air, fully UV resistant and easy to clean. The ventilation chimneys have a lifespan of decades. All components like lighttraps, automized butterfly valves or air dividing units are designed and produced in Boxmeer. Besides, ITB has a broad range of plastic inletvalves that are completely tailor made.

Heat regaining for poultry houses

ITB offers a complete range of heat exchangers for poultry houses.

Heat exchangers are systems that use exhaust air to warm up intake air, without the air being mixed. Heat exchangers achieve efficiencies upto 80%, thereby reducing costs of energy upto 60%. ITB has developed heat exchangers with tubes or plates, both available in several capacities. With the plate exchanger specific standards set by the Dutch government are met (BWL-standardisation). The heat exchangers have a long lifespan as it is completely produced from plastic (polypropylene) and stainless steel. For more information about the heat exchangers, see the product page.

Geothermal systems

ITBs GETS system uses soil energy to condition the intake air. Water in tubes placed in the ground is pumped up in the summer to cool and in the winter to heat intake air. The intake air passes the tubes the water runs through, where energy transfer (cooling or heating) takes place. The system is easy to mantain and lowers energy usage year round.

Complete climate concepts

ITBs climate specialists also advise in the development of complete climate concepts for renovation- or new building projects. Our engineers calculate the needed capacities and the optimal climate concept according to the characteristics of the house, taking into account the legal and regulatory framework.

ITB for poultry farms

With over 35 years of experience, ITB is specialized in climate control for poultry houses. From the design of the optimal climate concept upto the custom made products to realize this, ITB supplies fitting solutions. An optimal climate is achieved through the correct composition of ventilation, temperature  and humidity. We adjust this to the type of animal, life fase and house circumstances.

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