ITB presents new AIR2-DS with shortened blades for heat recovery in temperate climates

With ITB’s AIR2-DS Heat Exchanger, livestock farmers recover heat from their barns to use for better barn climate and about 60% energy savings. ITB Climate developed a new version of its Air2-DS with extra short fins. This version is suitable for swine and poultry barns in temperate climates. The new Air2-DS heat exchanger is about 25% cheaper to purchase and has advantages in maintenance and use.

Energy savings and a healthier climate
Pigs and poultry produce a lot of body heat that now usually leaves the barn via the ventilation air. The standard AIR2-DS Heat Exchanger from ITB is made up of extra long, horizontally arranged fins. The outgoing stall air is drawn past the fins. The incoming air is drawn precisely through the same fins and then blown into the barn. By crossing cold incoming and warm outgoing air flows, heat is transferred. With the recovered heat from the AIR2-DS Heat Exchanger, livestock farmers reduce their energy consumption by up to 60%. By using recovered heat, they create a better and uniform barn climate with optimal temperature and humidity. Animals distribute themselves better throughout the space and experience less stress.

Shorter louvers for barns in temperate climates
The new Air2-DS with extra short slats from ITB is about 25% cheaper to produce and purchase. Because the fins are optimally spaced, this heat exchanger has excellent efficiency in temperate climates. The extra short fins make the new version of the Air2-DS more compact and therefore cheaper to transport. The short fins also provide a lower air resistance, resulting in somewhat lower power consumption. The shorter blades are easier to clean. This saves on maintenance costs.

More information
The Air2-DS with extra long blades will continue to be available from ITB. This version remains the preferred choice for barns in a continental climate and for poultry houses in which fine dust must also be reduced. All AIR2-DS Heat Exchangers from ITB are corrosion-free and are produced entirely from high-quality plastics that can withstand the conditions of livestock production. Heat exchangers from ITB are easy to install thanks to the plug-and-play system. They can be connected to barn computers from almost all suppliers. For more information, visit