New Giant-Vent Ventilation chimney for livestock farmers who want to construct cost-efficient housing

Lower costs for purchase, construction and installation of ventilation systems

ITB’s new extra-large ventilation chimney system is suitable for fans with a diameter of 125 cm. The Giant-Vent ventilation chimney can ventilate up to 50,000 m³ air per hour. Because of the high ventilation capacity of the Giant-Vent ventilation chimney, fewer ventilation chimneys and fewer fans are required. This means livestock farmers can make considerable savings on purchase, construction and installation costs. Moreover, the high capacity of the Giant-Vent ventilation chimney makes it possible to ventilate through one accurately determined emission point. With its huge ventilation capacity, the Giant-Vent ventilation chimney has relatively lower construction costs and enables accurate location of the emission point. This results in an optimum stall climate for animals.

Supplied with customised roof plate with correct roof slope

Just like all ITB Climate’s ventilation systems, the new Giant-Vent ventilation chimney is made from HDPE plastic that offers excellent resistance to UV radiation, acids, ammonia and other aggressive substances. The ventilation chimneys are form-retaining and impact-resistant at temperatures between -30°C and +60°C. The Giant-Vent ventilation chimney can be supplied with a customised roof plate for any roof slope required, making it quick and easy to install. The Giant-Vent ventilation chimney is available in any length and there is also a double-walled version. Air supply and removal can then always be positioned in the optimum location.