• Heating and air cleaning in one concept
  • High thermic efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Improved overall climate

ITB presents AIR2-DS
Heat recovery and air cleaning in one concept

More heat in poultry houses offers farmers the chance to ventilate better and get rid of cold, moisture and draughts in their animals.. ITB Climate presents its AIR2-DS Heat Exchanger. With the Air2-DS, poultry farmers recover heat to the outgoing barn air and reduce 70% ammonia and 50% particulate matter.

Energy savings and a healthier climate

Poultry produce a lot of body heat, which now usually leaves the house via the ventilation air. ITB’s AIR2-DS Heat Exchanger is made up of extra-long horizontally arranged fins. The outgoing stall air is drawn past the fins. The incoming air is drawn through the same fins and then blown into the barn. By crossing cold incoming and warm outgoing air flows, heat is transferred. With the heat recovered from the AIR2-DS Heat Exchanger, livestock farmers reduce their energy consumption by up to 60%. Thus, they create a better and uniform barn climate with optimal temperature and humidity. Animals distribute themselves better over the space and experience less stress.

 Reduction of fine dust and ammonia

The Air2-DS Heat Exchanger is officially registered to reduce 70% ammonia and 50% fine dust in poultry houses. Using a special ventilation technique, heated ventilation air is distributed over the litter layer. CO2 and moisture are removed at animal level. This results in a healthier and more animal-friendly climate. The drying process largely prevents the formation of ammonia in the wet litter layer. This reduces ammonia emissions by 70%. During the heat recovery process, condensation forms on the slabs. Fine dust particles from the outgoing ventilation air adhere to this condensation. This reduces fine dust emissions by 50%.

 New, automatic cleaning function

A renewed, built-in cleaning system frequently removes fine dust from the heat exchanger. This is done fully automatically. The new cleaning system is now equipped with new, extra-large nozzles and an improved extra-powerful cleaning impulse. These innovations make the cleaning function extra powerful. This power is retained for longer so that maintenance on the system needs to take place less often. The new spray heads are 100% made of corrosion-free plastic.

More information

The AIR2-DS Heat Exchanger is corrosion-free and is manufactured entirely from high-quality plastics that can withstand the conditions of livestock farming. Heat exchangers from ITB are easy to install thanks to the plug-and-play system. The AIR2-DS can be connected to barn computers from almost all suppliers. The heat exchanger is also suitable for poultry farming.