Chimneys and attributes

  • Diameters from 320 from 1300mm.
  • Many attributes available
  • Custom made to fit
  • Long lifespan

Ventilation chimneys from ITB are applied in agricultural houses for over 35 years. For every animal type ITB has suitable ventilation components. The right ventilation in a barn contributes to an optimal living climate and thereby leads to better results. Through the correct placement of exhaust and inlet chimneys a uniform climate arises with evenly spread temperature across the entire house and optimal humidity.

The animals are divided better over the house, thereby improving the results in growth and feed conversion. Through optimal ventilation the chance of diseases reduces, there is less use of medication and a lower mortality rate.

Ventilation chimneys

ITB supplies a wide range of exhaust and inlet chimneys including all accessories. All chimneys are produced completely from plastic (HDPE) and are completely resistant to UV-radiation, acids and aggresive substances. The ventilation chimneys are form-retaining and impact resistant at temperatures between from  -30°C to +60°C. The tubes are welded in the correct roof angle to the roofsheet and therefore are easy and quick to assemble.

Chimneys are produced tailormade for the fan, so that the tip wobble of the fan is minimized. The air output is maximized at a minimum energy use. The length of the chimney is adapted to the circumstances at the house, so that the exhasut of dirty air and intake of fresh air always occur at the correct location. The ventilation tubes from ITB can be supplied in a great number of dimensions with a maximum length of 5 meters. Special dimensions or squared chimneys can be supplied upon request.

Insulating chimneys

Condensation in inlet chimneys can be prevented through the application of double walled chimneys. A still layer of air of 8 milimiter between the inner- and outertube guarantee that condensation is prevented.


  • Butterfly valves
  • Inflow rings
  • Stiffeningrings
  • Diafragams
  • Dampers
  • Other attributes on request