CLICK chimneys

  • Low transport costs
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy to install

For ventilation in livestock houses ITB offers an extensive programme of exhaust and intake chimneys. Minimum energy costs and a long lifespan of the systems form the starting point for each development. The innovative CLICK system is ITBs solution for high costs of transport for chimneys and tubes. Well arranged ventilation contributes to an optimal climate, good air quality and a uniform distribution of air in the house. The right temperature and humidity and minimum draught improves animal health and growth and decreases mortality and feed conversion. To improve efficiency of the transport of needed components, ITB has developed the innovative CLICK system.

CLICK system

The transportation volume for ventilation chimneys can increase quickly. ITB has therefor developed the innovative CLICK system. The system consists of a ‘male-‘ and ‘female profile’ that are welded to the sides of the plastic (HDPE) sheets. The CLICK chimneys are produced in house and can therefor be tailormade to any specific diameter or fan.

With the patented CLICK system the chimneys can be transported as flat sheets and are assembled at site. For assembly of the chimneys, no additional tools are needed, since the profiles can easily be clicked together and assembled. With this system the transportvolume can be reduced upto 80%.

Double wall chimneys are also available in a CLICK version. With this system, condensation in the tube is prevented due to the still air between the tubes. The tubes can easily be assembled without additional tools through the easy-to-use CLICK rings.

CLICK chimneys are produces completely from plastic (HDPE) and are resistant to UV radiation, acids and agressive substances. The plastic chimney are form-retaining and impact resistant at temperatures from  -30°C to +60°C. A long lifespan is guaranteed. All components, such as butterfly valves, dampers or inflowrings, can be applied to the system.

Roof profile   Loading meters for 70 pcs of 820 chimney (width 1 loading meter is 244cm.)
Flat roofsheet with cone   5 loading meters
Piling sheet with cone   5 loading meters
Wave with cone   5 loading meters
Roof rubber with fastening set   3 loading meters
Completely assembled   27 loading meters (2 full trailers)