• Perfect distribution intake air
  • Optionally with recirculation

Accurate distirbution of intake air is a requirement for an optimal climate inside livestock houses. Precise distribution of air with the correct temperature and humidity lead to a uniform climate inside the building. The animals divide better across the room and results in improve substantially. With ITBs Climamix the distribution of intake air is optimized.


For optimal distribution of intake air, ITB has developed the Climamix. The system consists of a strengthened fan house with a distribution plate connected to it. The distribution plate has 7 same-sized compartments where the air is blown into with a laminar flow. The system is developed in such a way that the throw of the air can always be adjusted to the dimensions of the house. The division of the intake air is uniform and draft is minimized. Since the distribution plate is hingeable, the fan and distribution plate can easily be cleaned and maintained.

The Climamix is is produced completely from plastic (HDPE) and thereby is resistant to aggresive substances in the air and has a very long life expectancy. The Climamix can be connected with a tube through the sock connection that is welded to the unit. The system is optionally equipped with a motor operated air mixing unit, which recirculates part of the air.

Equal pressure system

The Climamix is a perfect solution for houses with an equal pressure ventilation system. With an equal pressure system, the capacity of the intake chimneys is equal to the exhaust chimneys. With the correct allocation of the intake and exhaust chimneys, the temperature and air distribution is completely equal across the house. With equal pressure problems can be prevented that could occur when for example opening the doors or hatches. With an equal pressure system a uniform climate is guaranteed and air leakage is prevented.