Lightfilters – Wall Fan

  • High reduction of light inlet
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy to install

Equally distributed light inside a livestock house will lead to improved spread of the animals. A regulated light scheme leads to better results inside the house. Dark periods in the building have an essiantial influence on the animals growth results. In order to minimize external light influences and to simulate day and night, ITB has lightfilters for chimneys, inlets and wall fans. The systems have been designed in such a way that resistance is minimal and air flow is optimal.

Light trap for wall fan

For wall fans ITB has a light filter with a stainless steel housing. Inside this housing a package of plastic wave profiles is placed. Plastic distance holders keep the profiles in place and at the correct distance from eachother. The amount of light coming in is reduced and the resistance if minimized, thereby optimizing capacity and energy usage of the fan.