• Cooling through damping
  • Completely from plastic
  • Long lifespan

Padcooling systems are used in livestock houses where a high efficiency cooling is needed. Intake air is cooled through damping.

A pumping station pumps the water through the system and recirculates part of it. In the top part of the system, above the cooling pads, the water is brought in via a distribution tube. The water flows through the waved surface of the cooling pad. Part of the water vaporizes because warm dry air flows through the pad. The rest of the water ensures the pad stays clean and is then brough back to the pumping station via the reservoir. The warmth that is needed for vaporation comes from the air itself. The air coming from the pad is thereby both cooled and moistened without the need of extra energy.

The system is easy to install because of its plastic holding profiles. Because the entire system is produced from plastic and stainless steel, it is resistant to aggressive substances and chemicals. The padcooling system is build up in modules and is available in widths per 6 meter. The plastic pads are easy to clean and have a long lifespan.