Register Valve

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Long lifespan

Evenly distributed homogeneous air distribution across the building leads to a better climate and improved results. ITB has several inlet valves systems applicable in houses with all types of animals.

KRV/GRV Valves

The insulated register valves are available in two versions; Counter-Rotating Valves (CRV) and Equal-Rotating Valves (GRV). The registers consist of aerodynamic profiled valves of extrudized aluminium, which ensures a benificial air flow. The valves are connected by maintenance free rails, layered in plastic in a galvanized profilesteel housing. The valves have a plastic (soft PVC) sealing profile. The valve registers are suitable for operation with a servomotor or by hand. The maximum operating temperature of the valve registers in the standard version is 70˚C.