VentiMix, the ventilation concept for large open stalls in pig farming

Large open (straw) stalls for pregnant sows, for example, are increasingly the trend in pig farming. ITB Climate has specialised in developing and producing climate systems for pigs, poultry, calves and goats for over 35 years. VentiMix, ITB’s new concept for climate control in large open stalls in pig farming, is the latest addition to the company’s range.

Air mixing system for preheating cold outside air

Correctly managed distribution of the incoming air entering the stall is crucial for a good climate. Properly distributed air at the right temperature and humidity level protects the animals from cold, damp and draughts. The pigs also make better use of the available space. However, achieving proper air distribution in large open stalls has always been a difficult challenge. ITB decided to tackle this problem and designed VentiMix – a new climate control concept – specifically for stalls with large open spaces. The VentiMix is based on a reinforced fan housing with a welded-on distribution plate. The distribution plate consists of a number of identical chambers that receive a laminar flow of fan-fed air. The climate control concept has been designed to ensure that the throw of the supply air always perfectly matches the stall’s dimensions. As a result, the distribution of the incoming air in large open spaces is extremely uniform. The VentiMix includes a motorised air mixing system that allows the air to be preheated on cold days before it reaches the animals. This guarantees a constant and pleasant climate throughout the year, and positively affects the animals’ state of health and feed conversion ratio.  As temperature differences and draughts are minimised to an even greater extent, more ventilation is possible. The animals make optimal use of the available space and remain healthy and vital.

Hinged distribution plate for ease of maintenance and cleaning

Because the distribution plate is hinged, the fan and distribution plate are easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning. The VentiMix is made entirely from HDPE plastic, a material that guarantees the system’s ability to stand up to the robust conditions of livestock farming for many years. Thanks to the innovative click system, the VentiMix is also available as an easy-to-transport and easy-to-install kit. The VentiMix is based on the equal pressure principle and is also suitable for free-range stalls.

VentiMix, ITB’s new concept for climate control in large open stalls in pig farming