AIR2-ASI | Heat exchanger behind air scrubber

  • 45.000 m3/h heat exchanger with horizontal tube system
  • Placed on top of biological air scrubber
  • Barn with 7500 piglets in Erp, The Netherlands

At the request of pig farmer Jan Vogels, owner of Vogels vof in Erp, The Netherlands, ITB has developed the AIR2-ASI. The AIR2-ASI is a heat exchanger placed on top of an air scrubber, in this case at a barn with 7500 piglets. During the renovation of the barn a central exhaust with a biological air scrubber from Prismafilter was placed. In cooperation with Prismafilter ITB has developed a heat exchanger fitting for the air scrubber.

The capacity of the system is set at 25% of the maximum ventilation. The system achieves, depending on the outside temperature, a thermic efficiency over 70%. The saving on energy costs is 50% on average, resulting in a low return of investment for the system. The mild chilling effect of the system at outside temperatures over 28 degrees Celcius are considered an additional advantage by mr. Vogels. Large fluctuations in temperature, for example due to day and night difference, can also be minimized by the heat exchanger. The system is produced completely from plastic, with a polypropylene casing and horizontally placed PVC tube packages. The AIR2-ASI also replaces the drip catcher of the air scrubber.

The intake air is brought into the building above the ventilation ceiling and distribution with recirculation fans. The goal is to maintain a constant air temperature above the ceiling of at least 12 degrees. Due to the choice for the AIR2-ASI, mr. Vogels only has floor heating in his barn, other heating has been removed. This alone already resulted in a first saving of building costs of €10.000. Besides, the G10 gasmeter has been exchanged for a G6 gasmeter, also resulting in a cost reduction.

Aside from the saving of energy costs, the reduced usage of fossil fuels also played an important role in the decision of mr. Vogels. With his company, mr. Vogels aims to contribute a better living environment. The heat exchanger is one of the systems supporting him in this process.

Horizontale buizenpaketten in de warmtewisselaar
Horizontal tubes in heat exchanger
Dhr. Vogelsangs bij de warmtewisselaar (bron:
Mr. Vogels at his heat exchanger (source:
Zijaanzicht van de warmtewisselaar voor de installatie
Sideview of heat exchanger before installation
AIR2-ASI tijdens de installatie
AIR2-ASI during installation
Artikel over AIR2-ASI van dhr. Vogels
Newspaper article about AIR2-ASI of Mr. Vogels
Artikel over AIR2-ASI van dhr. Vogels
Newspaper article about AIR2-ASI of Mr. Vogels