AIR2-DS | Plate heat exchanger for at broiler farm

  • 24.000 m3/h heat exchanger with plate system
  • Barn with 52.800 broilers in Leisele, Belgium.

Upon request of Droeshaut NV from Achel, Belgium, ITB has developed a 24.000 m3/h AIR2-DS heat exchanger with plates. The heat exchanger was placed at the barn of mr. Dewaele in Leisele, Belgium, which hold 52.800 broilers. The system thereby easily meets the requirements for ammonia reduction, which is set at 0,35 m3/h/animal.

The 376 plates with a length of 8 meters realise a thermic efficiency of more than 80%, depending on the outside temperature. The system is equipped with a cleaning installation, filtration system and exhaust chimneys. In the bottom of the unit, connection pieces for condensation discharge have been extrusion welded. For optional extra cleaning hatches have been placed at the top of the unit. The heat exchanger is connected to a PL-9200 computer from Stienen BE, which was already used in the barn. Intake and exhaust take place through type 80 Ziehl-Abegg fans. The intake air is blown towards the ridge of the house and spread by recirculation fans.

Mr. Dewaele is statisfied with the heat exchanger: ‘There is very little maintenance and a good heat output. The systems functions well.’

Droeshaut NV is specialized in barn automization for poultry and pig farms and related agricultural businesses. Aside from the heat exchanger at mr. Dewaele, Droeshaut has placed multiple AIR2-DS heat exchangers in Belgium.

AIR2-DS Warmtwisselaar bij vleeskuikenstalAIR2-DS heat exchanger outside the broiler barn

AIR2-DS Warmtwisselaar bij vleeskuikenstalAir ducts and water discharge

Lamellen van AIR2-DS na 1,5 jaar gebruik, zonder extra reinigingPlates after 1,5 years of usage, without additional cleaning