• 18.000 m3/h tube heat exchanger
  • Installed at layer barn in Ysselsteyn, The Netherlands
  • Installed in 1993, still used without large maintenance

In 1993 the AIR2-Poultry heat exchanger with tubesystem was installed at the barn of mr. Peters in Ysselsteyn, The Netherlands. For the layer barn a capacity of 18.000 m3/h was calculated for the heat exchanger. The choice was made for this system because it can be used as a heat exchanger and a manure drying unit. The heat exchanger is placed outside of the bar, at the gable end of the building. Both intake and exhaust are arranged with a spiro tube system.

The heat exchanger now functions over 24 years at the satisfaction of the customer. ‘No large parts have been replaced and aside from some small maintenance the system is still in the same condition as it was 24 years ago’.

AIR2-Poultry geplaatst bij legkippenstal
AIR2-Poultry outside of layer barn