Beach houses

  • Dismountable plastic storage units
  • Commercial and privately used in The Netherlands and Belgium
  • On beaches and for events

De Huisfabriek from Vught, The Netherlands, approached ITB for the development of dismountable plastic beach houses. These houses are distributed amongst private and commercial users, both used at the beach and at events. hree designs have been made, the Basic, Basic+ and Luxurious version, all with a dimension of approximately 200x200x220cm (LxWxH). The roof and sides are produced from beige and white, UV-resistant hollow chamber Polyproylene sheets. As a bodem sheet, a black profiled antislip, hollow chamber Polypropylene sheet is used. Optionally windows can be added to the sides of the unit. These side walls are placed in grooves, after which the floor and roof are connected with clamping straps. The floor can be anchored to the foundation with bolts or to the grass with pegs.

In consultation, de Huisfabriek and ITB have developed the system so it is simple to assembled and disassemble. With a five-axed cutting machine the grooves are made in the roof and bottom sheet, where the side walls fall into. The anchor points for clamping straps are cut in the bottom sheet too. These anchor points are fastened through extrusion welding to the sheet. Because the entire system is produced from plastic, it is resistant to all weather influences, easy to clean and low in maintenance.

Demontabele kunststof strandhuisjes op locatie

Dismountable beach house on beach

Huisje toegepast als tuinhuis

Unit applied as garden house

Verankeringspunt d.m.v. extrusielas bevestigd in bodemplaat

Anchor points extrusion welded in bottom

Zijwanden vallen in ingefreesde groeven in de dakplaat
Side walls fall in grooves of roofsheet