• Dehumidification
  • Energy saving
  • Improved working climate

Climate in fish farms

At fish farms the most important climate is that of the water.  Through a good climate in the growing room, several advantages can be achieved. Optimal ventilation in combination with heat regaining, results in an improved air quality with reduced energy usage. The temperature at the surface of the water and the air above must be constant and the temperature difference both must be minimized. The quality of the water thereby remains more constant, leading to better results in the tank. A better climate also leads to an improved working environment for the farmer.

Air distribution hose

ITB for fish farms

For fish farms, ITB has developed plastic heat exchangers which reduce the energy usage.

The system also dehumidifies the room, reducing the amount fog and improving sight in the building. The heat exchanger is produced completely from polypropylene and stainless steel and thereby have a very long lifespan.

ITB has been involved in several projects for fish farms. Since this is an upcoming market we are eager to cooperate with parties in the market in order to develop good concepts. ITB creates the systems in house and is flexible in cooperation and efficient in adaptation to building specific circumstances at the fish farm.

Air2-fish heat exchanger for RAS Aquaculture