• For greenhouses with all types of vegetables, fruits and plants
  • Energy saving and dehumidification
  • Improved results in greenhouse
  • Higher quality products

Climate in greenhouses

An optimal and uniform climate in greenhouses results in provable better outcomes.

When the temperature is constant and the quality of air is optimized, this results in better growth of higher quality of the crops in the greenhouse. By bringing dry, warm and C02 enriched air near the crops, this reduces the chance of diseases and fungus. Minimum changes in temperature in the greenhouse result in more homogenous and higher quality products. At a more uniform climate it is possible to cultivate more safely at a higher relative humidity with lower energy usage.

Conditioning air in greenhouses

With the GreenVent system from ITB an optimum quality of air in the greenhouse can be achieved.

Humid air is sucked out near the ridge in the greenhouse and led through a transparant channel to the heat exchanger. The fresh incoming air is heated in the exchanger, without the air being mixed. The intake air is then brought near the crops through perforated foil tubes. High efficienies can be achieved with this system, reducing the energy usage upto 25%.

The New Cultivation in greenhouses

The New Cultivation is a concept aimed at optimizing production and reducing energy usage.

CO2-dosage, humidity, temperature, light and screening are the key elements that are being controlled. The humidity is reduced by exhausting air through the system. Since the exhaust air is used for warming intake air, the energy usage is minimzed and the greenhouse temperature improves. Through the smart design and the applied materials the amount of light in the greenhouse remains equal.

Climate concepts in greenhouses

ITB advises during the design and calculation of climate concepts according to the demands at a specific greenhouse. In cooperation with our partners a complete concept is designed for renovation- or new projects. The design of our Green-Vent system is fully adjusted to it.