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  • Pig farms with an optimal climate achieve better results

Climate in pig houses

In pig farms the climate optimalisation and energy saving systems from ITB have been applied for over 30 years.

ITB offersa broad range of products for ventilation and climate optimalisation that can be found in houses from farrowers to finishers. ITB cooperates with advisors, installation companies and farmers during the development of systems. For pig farms an optimal, constant and uniform climate in many ways lead to better results in the farm.

A constant temperature and minimum draught of air lead to less stress at the sows, piglets or boars. An evenly distributed temperature across the house leads to a better division of the animals in the room. There are better conversion results in terms of growth, feeding and drinking. When the climate in the house is well controlled, the ventilation capacity can be optimized. During wintertime there can be more ventilation, improving the living environment and decreasing the chance of diseases and use of medication. A good climate also results in a better working environment for the farmer.

Ventilation for pig houses

For air inlet and exhaust ITB has developed ventilation chimneys produced completely from plastic (PE).

These custom made ventilation chimneys are resistant to damaging substances in the exhaust air and to UV radiation. Components like butterfly valves, lighttraps or air dividing systems can be custom made by ITB. Ventilation chimneys are delivered fully assembled and are easy to install. ITB also has a wide reange of custom made inlet valves.

For centralized air exhaust ITB, in cooperation with its partners, supplies air scrubbers. In combination with a heat regaining system, the air scrubber can even be modified to a system that creates a return on its financial investment.

Temperature for pig farms

For heating of pig farms ITB offers systems that can be connected to the central heating, deltatubes and combustion systems.

The anodized delta (butterfly) tube can be mounted to the ceiling or wall and be supplied with all needed components. High efficiency heat regaining units can also be applied for heating in the house.

For cooling of air ITB offers a padcooling system where water is pumped through and blown into the house. Both the frame and the cooling pads are produces completely from plastic. The cooling pads can be applied for a longer period and can be applied for a relatively longer period.

Energy saving for pig houses

For energy saving ITB offers air/air heat exchangers and water/air conditioningssystems.

Heat exchangers use intake air to warm up exhaust air, without the air being mixed. ITB produces both tube and plate heat exchangers in different capacities. Through the high efficiencies these exchangers achieve, the energy usage is reduced upto 60%. The heat exchangers are produced completely from polypropylene and stainless steel, therefore a long lifespan is guaranteed.

 With the GETS geothermal system soil energy is applied for a conditioned air inlet. Water in a plastic tube system is pumped up in the winter to warm incoming air and in the summer to cool this air. The system is easy to maintain and reduces energy usage throughout the entire year in the pig house.

Complete climate systems for pig houses

ITB also advises in the development of complete climate concepts for renovation or new projects.

The needed capacitities and optimal positioning for the different components are calculated according to the feautures of the building. Contact our sales department for more information.

Detailled information about products for climate control, ventilation, heat regaining and energy saving can be found in the product overview.