High reduction finedust with OctaFil

August 2017 |

The Dutch standardization for emission of finedust has been increased again in March 2017. Several systems which used to meet the requirements, do not according to the new standard.

ITB and Veko Ventilation from Woudenberg, The Netherlands have development the OctaFil. The OctaFil is a finedust filtration system complete with ventilation chimney. The system consists of a ventilation chimney, a recirculation part and an octagonal filtration housing. These parts are produced completely from PE, anodized aluminum and PVC. The complete system thereby is resistant to agressive substances in the exhaust air and has a long lifespan. The eight sides of the filtration unit each have a paper filter. These products have proven high efficiencies for fine dust filtration in the paint industry for many years. The recirculation part has motorized valves that control the amount of air and sends back recirculation air back into the buidling.

OctaFil in Poultry Barn Scherpenzeel

The finedust filter has been measured on reduction level and achieved 40% reduction in finedust emission. In June 2016 the principle of this filtration method has been converted to the guidelines for ventilation chimneys in the Dutch RAV-code. Local governments have already provided multiple permits to apply the OctaFil system.

Because the OctaFil air can recirculate the air, it can be prefiltered multiple times before it is exhausted. At minimum ventilation the entire volume of the building can be prefiltered six times. The expectation is therefor that the actual reduction in finedust exhaust will be higher than 40%.

OctaFil Fnedust reduction in poultry barn

The first OctaFil serie has been placed recently in a frange-range barn in Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands. The first results are positive, the air speed over the filters reaches an average of 3,5 m/s and resistance remains limited to 35Pa. The overall indoor climate improves too. Wageningen University will perform further tests on the system in September 2017.

An OctaFil system is supplied in severeal parts and is easy to install on location. The OctaFil is about 160cm. high and thereby placeable in almost every barn. Since the connecting parts of the system are produced on order, the system can always be made fitting for chimneys with every type of fan. The OctaFil can be placed under chimneys in existing buildings or complete with chimney and fan for new buildings. The filters, with a long lifespan, can be clicked loose from the system easily and be replaced by new filters in a pre-fabricated housing.

OctaFil in Poultry Barn Scherpenzeel