ITB taken over by Chinese investment company FendyTech

November 2016 |

ITB from Boxmeer has been taken over by the Chinese investment company FendyTech in October 2016.

ITB designs and produces systems and products for climate control, mainly applied in livestock buildings and greenhouses.

ITB is active as a developer and producer of ventilation chimneys, heat regaining systems and geothermal climate concepts for over 35 years. The main markets for ITB at this moment are in Europe, Russia and North-America. Through this takeover ITB is enabled to enter important global growth markets like China and South-East Asia efficiently. Narrow cooperations with Chinese climate specialists EASAT (Agricultural) and F&S CleanTech (industry), both daughter companies of FendyTech support these market expansions. ‘The growth- and development opportunities for ITB that result from this takeover are huge. A good example is the recent participation in a project from the largest poultry integration company from China. At this project we design and produce the geothermal climate system and heat regaining for 12 barns with a total of 600.000 broilers’, says Sjaak van der Linden, CEO of ITB . ‘Besides that, ITB is ensured of stability of the long term and we can remain a reliable partner for our current and future relations’.

About FendyTech

FendyTech is an investment company with interests in seven companies worldwide. These companies have a main focus on the development and production of energy related systems. FendyTech thereby adapts to the increasing global demand for and opportunities in the field of energy technology. A spokesperson from FendyTech: ‘ITB is an innovative organisation with a good market position and much potential to grow. The knowledge level quality of ITBs systems is exceptional. We trust it the growth ambitions will be met.’

About ITB 

ITB was founded as an installation company by Toon van de Laar and Antoon van der Linden in 1982. In the following years the organisation developed into a specialist in climate techniques for livestock buildings. In 2003 Sjaak van der Linden (not related to) become co-owner of ITB . In 2008 Antoon van der Linden resigned, thereby bringing the management into the hands of Van de Laar and Van der Linden. Through this takeover, Toon van de Laar (age 67) stops his activities for the organisation. The current management remains and has a minory part of stocks. Boxmeer will remain the primary location for ITB and the contact point for ITBs relations.  The working method and product assortment remain unchanged. For ITB relations there will be no noticeable changes as a result of this development.