Privacy statement ITB Climate

In the context of the new  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you can read the privacy policy of ITB Climate here.

Privacy statement ITB Climate (version June 5th 2018)


ITB Climate process personal data in the context of her services. We will have received this information from yourself, for example through our website, email, phone or app. Beside, we can retrieve your personal data in the context of our services from third parties. With this privacy statement we inform you about how ITB Climate handles personal data.

Processable personal data
The specific personal data ITB Climate processes depends on the exact service and cicrumstances. Mostly it concerns the following data:

  • Name and address
  • Sex
  • Contact information (emailaddresses, phone numbers)
  • Social-ID (when using social media)
  • Data about your activities on our website, like IP-address, device type, visited web-page, click- and surfbehavior, used webbrowser and duration of visit or session

Goals of and basis for processing

ITB Climate processes personal data in order to meet the a legal obligation, but mostly we do so in order to perform our services or to performance  an agreement concluded with us. Data are also processed for pratical efficiency reasons, like:

  • Communication and provision of information
  • Enabling the most efficient way to provide our services
  • Improvement of our services
  • Secure, adjust and improve our website

Your personal data can also be used for marketing purposes or to send you promotion material or messages about our services. Besides it is possible that we contact you to request feedback about services which have been provided or for market- or other research purposes.

We are active on social media and if you contact us via social media we also process your data. In some cases it is possible that we want to process your personal data for other reasons than mentioned above and we request your explicit approval to do so. Lastsly we can also use your personal data in order to protect the rights and properties of ourselves, our customers or website visitors and, if needed, in the context of judicial procedures.

Involvement of third parties

During the execution of our activities and other organizational activities we can use services of third parties, for example if these third parties dispose of special knowledge or means. This can be so-called handlers or sub-handlers, which will handle the personal data based on your exact assignment. Other third parties which are, when strictly considered, are not third parties of personal data but do or can have access to personal data are for example suppliers or hosting parties of online-sofrtware, or advisors whose advice we acquire for your assignment. If the involvement of third parties results in their access to your personal data or if they record it and/or process it otherwise, we will have agreed with these third parties (in writing) that they will adhere to the obligation of the GDPR. In no circumstances we will provide your personal data to third parties for commercial goals without your explicit permission.

Retention periods

We wiill not process your personal data longer than needed for the goal for which they have been provided. This means your personal data are stored as long as needed to achieve the concerning goals.


ITB Climate has taken fitting organizational and technical measures for the protection of personal data for as far as reasonably can be expected from us, taking into account the interests that are to be protected, the technical possibilities and the costs of the relevant security measures. We obligate our employers and possible third parties that necessarily have access to the personal data to secrecy. Furthermore we assure our employers have had a correct and complete instruction about the processing of personal data and that they are sufficiently aware of the responsibilities and obligations of the GDPR.


Data on our website

ITB Climate spends the utmost care in the reliability and actuality of the information on her website. ITB Climate cannot be held responsible for any incomplete or incorrect information which has been found via her website. Use of any information obtained via the website of ITB Climate is at the users own risk.

ITB Climate is not liable for damage as a consequence of incomplete or incorrect information, nor for damage as a consequence of problems caused by the spread of information via the internet. ITB Climate is also not liable for disturbances, interruptions, errors or delays that occur at the distribution of information or services. Furthermore ITB Climate accepts no liability for possible damages suffered from the use of information, data, advice, products or ideas procured by or in the name of ITB Climate through her website.

Hyperlinks on and to our website

The website of ITB Climate contains (hyper)links to websites of other organisations and institutions. Links are also placed from other website to the website of ITB Climate. ITB Climate accepts no liability for the content of this (linked) website. Such (hyper)links have solemnly been included for your information and comfort of it, which does not mean that information, products or services offered on these websites are recommended by ITB Cliamte. The use of a hyperlink is fully at own risk. Without prior permission in writing of ITB Climate it is not allowed to place links to our website.

Information on website and coverage

If information placed on the website is also provided in writing, the written version will be defining in the case of textual differences. ITB Climate does not guarantee that email or other electronic messages sent to her are received and processed and accepted in a timely manner and does not accept liability for the consequences of not or late recipience or handling of it.


Via our website we can use cookies. Information is saved on your hard disk in the form of a text file. Cookies are used to supply the website in a user-friendly manner or in order to obtain information about the equality and effectiveness of the website.

Your rights

You have the right for insight, rectification or removal of the personal data we have from you (of course with the exception if possible legal obligations traversed. You also have the right to transfer the data provided by you to yourself or directly to any other party if you wish so.

Data leaks
If the situation of a data leakage occurs we will, barring weighty reasons, inform you immediately if there is a specific chance for negative impact on your personal privacy or the accomplishment of it. We strive to do this within 48 hours after we have discovered the leakage or have been informed about it by our (sub)handlers.


If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, we ask you to contact us by sending an email to
The most recent version of our privacy policy is the applicable version and can be found on our website.

We trust it that with this privacy statement we provide a clear image of our privacy policy. If you have any further questions about how we process personal data, you can contact us by emailing to or send a letter to ITB Climate, Lionstraat 10, 5831 AK Boxmeer, The Netherlands.