• Energy saving
  • Increased ventilation
  • High efficiency, low maintenance
  • Improved results

The AIR2-Pigs is a heat exchanger designed for pig houses. With the heat exchanger, fresh intake air is warmed up by the exhaust air, without the air being mixed. The energy costs will decrease due to the 75% thermic efficiency of the AIR2-Pigs.

Temperature differences between inside and outside are minimized. During colder periods more ventilation is possible. More harmful substances and diseases will be blown out. The overall climate improves and the use of medication decreases. When the fresh warm air is evenly distributed in the building, the animals will have a better spread in the room. There is less stress amongst the animals.

The AIR2-Pigs tube exchanger

The housing of the AIR2-Pigs consists completely of hollow chamber polypropylene sheets. These are welded together air-tight  through extrusion welding. The tube packages, where the energy transfer takes place, are produced from PVC. Since the system is produced completely from plastic it is resistant to aggressive substances in the exhaust air, UV-radiation and corrosion. A long lifespan is guaranteed.


The AIR2-Pigs is placed at the gable end of the central exhaust duct. The exhaust air is sucked through the tube packages vertically, from bottom to top. Through turbulence in the tubes the air has a longer distance in the tube, thereby increasing the heat exchange and improving efficiency. Ventilation chimneys blow out the air of the heat exchanger. The intake air is sucked past these same tubes through a fan. That is where heat is exchanged. As a result of cleverly placed PVC sheets the air makes and S-shaped movement. In the heat exchanger the air flows both according to cross- and counterflow principle.

Air distribution

The intake air can be divided in the barn in several ways. For example through a ventilation ceiling, ventilation chimneys or distribution below the floor.

Cleaning and maintenance

When the intake and exhaust air flow through the system, it condensates. Since the dirty exhaust air flows throught the vertical tubes, the moist from condensation takes a big part of the dirt on the inside of the tubes. The system has a self-cleaning mechanism but can be equipped with a spray nozzle system. Several entry hatched provide access to the tube packages for additional cleaning. The control room is accessible through a larger entry hatch. For thorough cleaning the tube packages and separate tubes can be taken out of the system.


The AIR2-Pigs heat exchanger is supplied according to the plug-and-play principle. Once the heat exchanger is placed at the correct location, it can be wired up and connected to the sewer system.


The AIR2-Pigs can be connected to computers of almost all suppliers. The system can also be equipped with its own stand-alone regulating computer.