Lightfilters – Inlets

  • High reduction of light
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Unassembled version for low transport costs

Equally distributed light inside a livestock house will lead to improved spread of the animals. A regulated light scheme leads to better results inside the house. Dark periods in the building have an essiantial influence on the animals growth results. In order to minimize external light influences and to simulate day and night, ITB has lightfilters for chimneys, inlets and wall fans. The systems have been designed in such a way that resistance is minimal and air flow is optimal.

Lightfilters for wall inlet valves

For wall inlet valves ITB has different types of light trap. The systems consist of a hood which is placed over the inlet, on the outside of the wall. In this hood wave-profiles are placed which prevent light from coming through. The dimension of the valve and profiles have been calculated so that the maximum capacity of the inlet can always be reached.

The light traps for wall fans are available both assembled and unassembled. The unassembled version creates logistical advantages since the filter is transported as a flat sheet. The hood can be assembled on site without any special tools after which the profiles are placed inside.