TetraFil Finedust reduction

  • High reduction finedust emission
  • Placeable below new and existing chimneys



The OctaFil is a finedust system underneath a ventilation chimney. It meets the requirements for finedust as determined by the Dutch government, which is considered a front runner in the field of climate and agricultural development. The system has been designed for broiler and layer farms.

The system

The OctaFil consists of a ventilation chimney, a recirculation unit and a filterhousing. The polyethylene chimney is welded to the roofsheet and has a diameter of ±92 cm. The recirculation unit is produced from foamed PVC and anodized aluminium. The two valves can recirculate 0 to 100% of the air back into the barn. The valves are controlled by a 0-10 volgt servomotor and is placed in the length direction of the barn.

The filterhousing is built from PVC and anodized aluminium parts. On top of the filterhousing, the fanpart is placed, where conic PE plates are attached to which prevent the layers from jumping on the housing. The paper filter profiles are coated on the intake side, thereby minimizing the amount of dirt sticking to the filter. The profiles come in cartboard housings which can easily be clicked to the filterhousing. In order to measure the ventilation capacity the system can be equipped with a measuring fan.


The exhaust air is sucked through the filterprofiles by a fan. The filterprofiles work according to the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. When the air passes the filter the air flow with finedust parts is subject to multiple directional changes. According to the mass, the parts are knocked out of the air flow and stick to the sedimentchambers outside of the airflow. Because of this, the particals cannot flow any further. The room for airflow remains free. With this principle a large capacity of finedust collection and long durability are achieved. Because the air can be circulated, the correct air speed over the filter is always ensured. The remaining air needed to achieve the air speed is blown back into the barn.