OctaFil Finedust filter

  • Finedust filtration below ventilation chimney
  • Placed at free-range poultry barn in Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands
  • Meets renewed finedust requirements

In the summer of 2017 poultry farmer Van Kampen from Scherpenzeel renovated and expanded his free range barn. The old and current barn got connected. An important adjustment at the 50.000 layer farm, is that is has been made ready for the renewed Dutch standards for finedust reduction. In cooperation with Veko Ventilation, ITB had already started with the development of a system that is placed before the fans.

The barn in Scherpenzeel has been equipped with eight finedust reduction systems, the OctaFil. Five of these units were placed underneath existing chimneys. For the part where the barn has been expanded, new ITB chimneys have been supplied. The filter units have a motorized recirculation part and filters in housings that are easy to replace. Because of the recirculation option the air can be brought through the system multiple times before it is exhausted. The air filtration is higher and the air quality improves. Both for man and animal the system has positive results.

More information about the OctaFil system can be found here.

Octafil na plaatsing
Octafil after installation
Octafil na ingebruikname
Octafil in use
OctaFil filterkoker tijdens opbouw
OctaFil during installation